Dangerous way to merge onto a highway on display in Mississauga


Published September 6, 2023 at 10:30 am

This driver (white car) ran out of lane while trying to merge onto the QEW and came to a complete stop. A second vehicle then collided with the first. (Photo: @401_da_sarpanch video capture)

Police often warn drivers that merging onto a busy highway can be among the most dangerous moves on the road if not done safely and correctly.

A short video posted to social media on Tuesday by traffic videographer @401_da_sarpanch shows a car attempting to enter the QEW in east Mississauga in a manner that appears to be neither safe, nor correct.

The 14-second video (see below) shows the attempted merge from the Cawthra Rd. on-ramp lane onto the busy highway, followed by the end result–a relatively minor collision seconds later when the vehicle in question ran out of entry lane, came to a full stop and was rear-ended by another car in the merge lane.

The video also shows that the driver of the car attempting to get onto the QEW was unable to merge in front of a large transport truck that was travelling in the far right lane.

The car then made a complete stop and was struck from behind.

“Cars pull out of the right lane and gun it down to the very end of the merge lane all day long at this exact spot,” commented one person on the X (formerly Twitter) post.

“Both bad drivers,” another person commented, referring to the two cars in the merge lane. “One at fault for the accident. 10 points for following a bad driver too closely.”


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