Crombie Holds the Lead over Mahoney


Published October 27, 2014 at 2:10 am


It’s all coming up Crombie.

Although Steve Mahoney had enjoyed a small but steady lead throughout most of the campaign, his fortunes took a turn after Hazel’s unofficial endorsement of Bonnie Crombie’s platform at a pre-Thanksgiving fundraiser.

According to the latest Forum Research Poll released on October 25th , more than half of those decided will vote for Bonnie Crombie (52%) compare to one third who will vote Steve Mahoney (34%) if the mayoral election in Mississauga were held today. Few would vote for Stephen King (3%), and about a tenth spread their vote amongst other candidates (12%).

“For that, it’s better to look in detail at her commitments to bring more mixed-use development to the city, more walkable neighbourhoods, increased urban intensification, and revitalization of Mississauga’s 22-kilometre waterfront. These are all gaps in McCallion’s legacy, and addressing them is vital to ensuring a vibrant future. Crombie is the best bet for progress in these important areas.”

Crombie has also racked up a few more endorsements and put together a chart that throws some punches at Mahoney’s business and financial record. You can see that here. For those who don’t (or won’t click) on it, she levies her voting record and academic achievements against two of Mahoney’s costly international business trips and some financial controversies that occurred at the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) under his watch.

The controversies were well-known during Mahoney’s tenure there, but he has defended his record fastidiously. According to former Labour Minister Peter Fonseca, Mahoney also paid back controversial expenses that he claimed while said expenses were still permitted (the rules were changed after embarrassing debacles involving other provincial institutions OLG and eHealth were revealed). 

While the election — which will take place on Monday, Oct 27 — is top of mind for all candidates, the two frontrunners both released statements on the tragic shooting that took place yesterday morning in Ottawa.

Mahoney’s statement, which you can read here, offers condolences and promises a review of city-wide security measures should he be elected mayor. Crombie’s statement on Facebook was brief, offering thoughts and prayers to the victims and frightened people in the city.

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