Crime, housing and traffic woes top concerns in Brampton community satisfaction survey


Published October 11, 2023 at 2:42 pm

Housing affordability, public safety and traffic congestion are the three main concerns for Brampton residents according to feedback on the city’s community satisfaction survey.

On Wednesday, Brampton City Council heard the findings of the phone survey which took the temperature of nearly 1,000 Brampton residents between December and January. And while crime was the overall biggest issue for respondents, the survey shows residents are increasingly worried about housing costs and rising inflation.

Some 20 per cent of respondents said they feel crime and policing are the biggest concerns impacting the community, citing stolen cars, violence, drugs and break-ins as concerns. Incidents of stolen cars have been on the rise in Brampton, but that 20 per cent figure is a 6 per cent drop from the city’s 2019 community survey.

The affordability of housing or lack thereof came in second among respondents with 12 per cent saying rising costs are their primary concern (double the 2019 survey findings of 6 per cent), with another 5 per cent targeting cost of living and inflation as their biggest worry in Brampton.

Traffic congestion came in third-highest among concerns at 9 per cent, a drop from 16 per cent in the 2019 survey.

Brampton community satisfaction survey

Retrieved from a City of Brampton report

Nearly 80 per cent of residents who took part in the survey said that the overall quality of life in the City of Brampton today is either good or very good, but nearly half said that their quality of life in Brampton has worsened since 2019.

The survey found 47 per cent said the quality of life had declined, 38 per cent said it stayed the same, while just 11 per cent of respondents said their quality of life has improved in the last three years.

Those stats get even worse when looking at older residents, with residents over the age of 35 being 12 per cent more likely to say their quality of life has gotten worse.

As for city services, the Brampton Library, recreation programs and arts and culture events got rave reviews from respondents with 72 per cent, 49 per cent and 41 pre cent of residents respectively saying they are “very satisfied.”

Brampton community satisfaction survey

Retrieved from a City of Brampton report

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