Coyotes and foxes more active in Mississauga as winter approaches


Published November 4, 2022 at 5:14 pm

coyote mississauga

Mississauga animal services officials are again reminding residents to not feed coyotes, foxes or other wildlife–especially now that winter is almost here.

The City of Mississauga’s ongoing battle to get people to stop feeding coyotes, either intentionally or otherwise, is ramping up once again as winter looms.

“As days get colder and we approach winter, coyotes and foxes will be more active as their natural prey is scarce,” Mississauga officials posted on Twitter today (Nov. 4). “However, please do not feed them as this disrupts their natural abilities to search for food and can lead to bold behaviour.”

Mississauga officials continue to aggressively drive home their message to residents that coyotes are not something to be played with, or fed.

In a recent communication to residents on the subject, officials posted a video to social media showing people what to do if they should encounter a coyote while out and about in their neighbourhoods and parks.

In ongoing efforts to get people to stop feeding coyotes and other wildlife across the city, Mississauga officials have tried to deliver that message by repeatedly warning residents of the potentially hefty fines (up to $300) for such activity.

They’ve also posted more signs–and newer signs with more clear messaging–throughout parks and neighbourhoods in an attempt to reach more people.

Additionally, Mississauga Animal Services staffers were out in force during the summer to let residents know of the dangers of either purposely feeding the wild animals or doing so inadvertently by not securing food scraps placed at the curb for waste pickup.

One Mississauga councillor even suggested earlier this year that the City use graphic photos of dying coyotes on signs to get the message across to residents.

To report wildlife feedings or an aggressive, sick or injured coyote, call 905-896-5858.

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