Coyote issues dealt with at Burlington pop-up sessions


Published May 6, 2024 at 9:26 pm

coyote Burlington pop-up mating season encounter

Pop-up sessions are being held throughout Burlington where you can learn about coyote-proofing your property, and what to do during encounters.

This time of year marks coyote mating season and the chances of running into them increase as they are on the prowl.

The list of the pop-up sessions can be found here.

According to Animal Services for the City of Burlington, coyotes tend to be more visible during daylight hours at this time of year because they are looking for food and a mate. Here are some tips on what to do if you  encounter a coyote:

  • Stop and pick up small children and pets
  • Use hazing techniques – shout loudly and wave your arms high in the air
  • Back away slowly while remaining calm
  • Never run or turn your back on a coyote
  • Never offer food to a coyote

Hand and ground-feeding wildlife on private or public property is prohibited by the City’s Animal Control By-law (60-2005).

As well, the City’s Lot Maintenance By-law (49-2022) requires waste, compost, pet food and animal food be stored in a clean and well-maintained manner to not attract rodents, vermin, insects, pests or wildlife, or create a health and safety hazard.

The City is asking residents to report coyote sightings using the form at

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