COVID reinfections ‘increasing concern’ in Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon, new report shows


Published October 30, 2021 at 11:45 pm

Reinfections of COVID-19 are becoming an increasing concern in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon, a new Peel Region health department document reveals.

The report indicates 39 cases of COVID reinfections in Peel have been recorded as of October 18. A reinfection is defined as when a person tests positive for COVID-19 two or more separate times and there is evidence the infections are caused through different lineages.

Reinfections amount to just 0.03 per cent of all Peel COVID-19 infections, but the report says there may be additional cases that cannot be confirmed because of inconsistencies involved in laboratory testing.

There have been no deaths recorded because of reinfection and only one hospitalization.

“There is still limited knowledge on the duration of immunity from both natural infection and vaccination,” reads the document entitled Peel Health Surveillance. “As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, reinfection of those previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus) is an increasing concern.”

For purposes of the study, initial infections took place prior to May 4 of this year and the average time from first infection to reinfection was 176 days.

The report goes on to say the average age of those who have been reinfected is 35. Fifty-four per cent of the cases are female.

Symptoms of those reinfected included cough, fever and sore throat.

Significantly, the report stresses that double vaccination is likely the best defence against COVID reinfection. Of the 39 who have been reinfected, 34 were not fully vaccinated.

“To decrease the likelihood of future infection, it remains important that individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 be vaccinated,” the document concludes.

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