COVID-19 vaccine expected to arrive for limited distribution in Brampton next week


Published December 16, 2020 at 2:09 pm

Brampton will receive its initial complement of the COVID-19 vaccine next week.

Mayor Patrick Brown announced today (December 16) the rollout will first go to those at Brampton Civic Hospital, presumably to frontline healthcare workers.

The announcement comes just days after the vaccine was first introduced into Ottawa and Toronto, news that prompted criticism from Brampton residents, ones who have been hardest hit by the virus.

“I know I have heard some concerns from residents as vaccines are rolled out in Ottawa and Toronto that don’t have the same positivity rate and have not been hit as hard as Brampton,” said Brown. “I want residents to be confident that the rollout is coming to Brampton very shortly. I have been assured by provincial officials that next week we are going to see the rollout of vaccines.”

Mayor Brown said he has also been assured by Premier Doug Ford that Ontario intends to live up to the vaccine commitment and that special attention is going to be paid to areas that are in lockdown, such as Brampton and the rest of Peel Region.

“I am looking forward to those first vaccines being administered next week at Brampton Civic,” Brown said. “I know it will be a great day for our community given how hard this pandemic has hit Brampton.”

Meanwhile, the mayor said the community has been responding positively to lockdown measures as he points out only five people were charged for not wearing a face mask during the past week. As well, he said 24 stores were charged for opening, but only three charges were laid for social gatherings.

He stressed, however, pressure is still on the hospital system to keep up with the number of COVID cases. He said at Brampton Civic Hospital there are currently 52 cases of the virus being treated, with 15 of the patients being treated in the Intensive Care Unit.

“We have to continue to listen to the advice of public health because hospitals are already dealing with capacity issues and we don’t want to put more pressure on a system that is already challenged,” Brown said.

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