COVID-19: Ontario reports 700 new cases, 104 of those in Peel


On Monday (Sept. 28), Ontario is reporting that there are 700 new cases of the novel coronavirus across the province.

The largest number of cases are being reported in the province's 'hotspots' where in recent weeks a surge in cases has been recorded.

There are 344 new cases in Toronto with 104 in Peel, and 89 in Ottawa, Health Minister Christine Elliott Tweeted.

The province is also reporting that 331 cases have been resolved.

Sixty per cent of Monday's cases are among people under the age of 40, Elliott noted.

One new death in the province is also being reported.

The province says that more than 41,000 tests were completed, while almost 50,000 are still under investigation.

Monday's uptick sets a record for the number of daily COVID-19 cases reported. The previous record was set back in April when in a single day 640 cases were reported. However, at that time, the province's testing capacity was much lower.

To date, Ontario has had 50,531 confirmed case of COVID-19 and has reported 2,840 deaths related to the virus.

More than 85 per cent of Ontario's cases have been resolved so far.

Later Monday, Premier Doug Ford is expected to provide an update on the provincial response to the pandemic alongside Elliott.

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