COVID-19 cases in Niagara continue to decline over long weekend


Published February 22, 2022 at 1:00 pm

New cases of COVID-19 are on a serious decline in Niagara while resolved cases continue to climb and active cases are dropping like a stone.

Over a four day span – from Saturday to today (Feb. 22) – new cases were cut by more than half with 86 new known cases Saturday, followed by 67 on Sunday. That dropped down to 48 on Monday to just 40 today.

Those numbers were offset by the climbing number of resolved cases. On Saturday, there were 96 known case taken off the books, followed by 97 on Sunday. That climbed to 107 by Monday and shot up further to 114 today.

Even happier, there wasn’t a single death over that four day period with Niagara’s fatalities holding at 509.

With a few exceptions, all 12 of Niagara’s municipalities saw declines in active known cases, the benchmark being the larger the cities, the greater the drop.

St. Catharines saw 50 less cases over that time period starting Saturday with 556, dropping quickly to 537 by Sunday. That further went down to 522 by Sunday before registering at 506 today.

Likewise, Niagara Falls saw a similar drop, starting to 300 known cases Saturday before going down to 286 on Sunday. That further decreased to 276 by yesterday, down to 254 today.

Welland saw nearly 20 less known cases over that span with 195 Saturday, followed by 189 by Sunday. On Monday, it only dropped one to 188 but further declined to 176 today.

Fort Erie saw an up-and-down weekend, starting with 97 on Saturday but up to 99 by Sunday. That dropped down to 96 by Monday and even further to 88 today.

Lincoln saw a slow decline through the four days, starting with 93 known cases Saturday which dropped to 86 by Sunday. It’s been a slower drop since with 85 cases by Monday and 83 today.

Grimsby has only lost four cases with 81 known on Saturday down to 77 today. Port Colborne started the weekend with 75 cases but actually gained four up to 79 on Sunday. However, it changed directions by dropping to 73 cases today.

Pelham seems to be the regional anomaly, starting the weekend at 74 cases and climbing to 82 today. Thorold, on the other hand, is going in the right direction. It started Saturday with 71 known cases, dropping significantly to 58 by yesterday and getting down further to 55 today.

Niagara-on-the-Lake saw small but significant declines, starting Saturday at 61 and finishing today with 55 cases. West Lincoln, however, dropped by 10 cases over the weekend, starting Saturday by 39 known cases right down to 29 today.

At the bottom, Wainfleet has only dropped a couple of cases, peaking at 18 Sunday before dropping to 16 cases today.

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