Costs of dog ownership in Canada skyrocketed in the last year


Published March 21, 2024 at 12:45 pm

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Owning a pet is getting more expensive, a new report suggests.

The cost of living in 2024 has many across Canada cutting back on certain amenities to make sure that every stray penny gets saved. For dog owners, this can be a challenge, as, of course, anyone would want only the best for their four-legged best friend.  A recent survey by Rover, a pet services website, has calculated just how much it costs to be a dog parent in the modern age, and the results are not surprising.

While the spectrum of costs can vary from province to province, Rover indicates that total yearly dog ownership costs can range from close to $1,000 to over $4,000 annually.

Detailed costs that make up this price window are as follows:

Item/Service Lowest Cost $ Highest Cost $
Food 300  2,815
Flea/Tick Prevention 200 345
Poop Bags  60 90
Treats/Chews 20 540
Toys 5 55
Yearly Check Up 140 175
Total:  965 4,020

Additional culprits for this surge in puppy pricing also include the general cost of essentials, as data indicates that costs surrounding pet food, toys and visits to the vet have all increased upwards of 50 per cent or over in the last year.

Certain food brands have even increased 100 per cent in costs, as indicated by Rover’s data. 

For those looking to increase the quality of life for their beloved pooch — and to do so without breaking the bank — the report notes a few DIY tips to save money. These include grooming at home, looking for affordable medications online, buying dog gear at discount retailers and looking for low-cost vet clinics. 

Not even the dog economy is immune to skyrocketing costs it would appear, however, with a little at-home expertise and smart shopping, data shows that anyone can give their K-9 companion the kind of life they deserve while protecting their wallet at the same time. 

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