Convicted murderer says he was cast as ‘perfect villain’ in ‘unfair’ trial for slain Hamilton man Tim Bosma


Published March 15, 2023 at 3:41 pm

Kevin Hyde of Oakville was given a six-and-a-half-year sentence on Tuesday after he was found guilty of impaired driving and dangerous driving, causing the death of an Oakville woman and her dog. PEXELS PHOTO

Multiple murderer Dellen Millard says he was cast as the “perfect villain” in the 2013 killing of Tim Bosma, appealing to Ontario’s highest court to overturn his conviction for murdering the 32-year-old father.

Bosma lived in Ancaster at the time of the murder.

Millard told the Ontario Court of Appeal on Wednesday that arguments against him at the trial for Tim Bosma’s murder played to the jury’s emotions, resulting in an “irreparably unfair trial.”

But the Crown is arguing the evidence against Millard and his co-convicted Mark Smich is overwhelming and the judge properly directed the jury.

The trial featured the two men blaming the other for the 2013 murder, attempting to characterize it as a truck theft mission that unexpectedly turned deadly when the other fatally shot Bosma.

Bosma’s bloodstained truck was found at Millard’s mom’s house and the Crown presented evidence it was Bosma’s blood and bones on the inside and outside of an incinerator found parked behind Millard’s farm.

The court is also hearing appeals this week of Millard and Smich’s conviction for murdering Laura Babcock and Millard’s conviction for murdering his father Wayne Millard, whose death was originally ruled a suicide.

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