Condo owners in Ontario could require proof of vaccination for tenants


Published September 13, 2021 at 2:37 pm

In a little more than one week (September 22), Ontario’s vaccine mandate will come into effect, and all those who wish to enter public venues, such as restaurants, gyms, theatres, sporting events, and bars and nightclubs, will be required to provide proof they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

However, with a provincial mandate coming into effect, other businesses could begin implementing their own form of vaccine mandate that mirrors the Province’s.

One such example could be condominiums with shared amenities, such as buildings with gyms, pools, and party rooms that all residents can access.

Considering the rental market has taken a significant hit during the course of the pandemic, many owners might consider implementing vaccine mandates if they believe it will entice would-be tenants.

“Clients do ask if I know what percentage of residents are fully vaccinated in a building we’re viewing,” Larry Medina, a realtor with, said in a recent article. “Obviously, I don’t have the answer to this.”

Previously, according to condo litigation lawyer Bradley Chaplick, the lack of a provincial vaccine mandate prevented condos from implementing their own.

“A vaccine passport now solves that problem, making the rules easier to implement,” Chaplick said in the same article. “This could also open the door for local municipalities to enforce their own policies requiring condos to limit amenities to vaccinated people only.”

However, according to Chaplick, any buildings that do implement such a policy could only do so for non-essential amenities, such as swimming pools or gyms, not common areas that connect to individual suites or units.

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