Oakville parent group poised to take legal action over transgender teacher


Published December 7, 2022 at 5:23 pm

The Halton District School Board has changed course and is now considering a dress code for teachers.

A group of “concerned parents” is looking to take legal action over a transgender Oakville-Trafalgar High School (OTHS) teacher who has garnered worldwide attention with her oversized prosthetic breasts and revealing tight tops.

“It has become clear that the only way this is going to be resolved is through action by local parents — with support from other parents who want to ensure this never happens in their own childrens’ schools,” read the group’s GoFundMe campaign.

Comprised of parents of students who attend the Oakville high school and other Halton District School Board (HDSB) schools, the group calling itself “Students First Ontario” says it has become increasingly concerned after the teacher’s provocative dress has resulted in numerous bomb threats made against the school.

“All funds raised will be used to connect, organize and support like-minded parents in taking every action possible, including media and legal,” said Julia De Winter, who is organizing the fundraiser.

It is believed the lawsuit would be against the school board for not taking action against the teacher.

Earlier the HDSB decided not to institute a dress code or discipline the teacher over potential legalities and human rights concerns.

The group says the school community has been thrust into the spotlight as a result of the teacher’s “inappropriate attire and enormous prosthetic breasts” which they say have created a significant distraction and led to serious safety concerns for the students and staff at the school.

They say there have been three bomb threats made to the school since September (2022), and possibly more according to some reports.

“We had expected HDSB to address the situation at the start of the year, but they have allowed it to grow into an international controversy,” read the statement on the fundraising page.

“OTHS and the HDSB have not only failed to address the situation, they have endorsed the teacher’s actions by refusing to uphold any dress code for teachers. This is despite the fact that a dress code applies to students enrolled at the school.”

The group points to an assessment of the situation by Howard Levitt, a Senior Partner with the Levit Sheikh law firm, that says the HDSB’s rationale for not dealing with the matter appears to be “more ideological than legal.”

By failing to take action, Levitt’s assessment says the HDSB “actually creates a precedent and legally opens the door for further abuses.”

“Unfortunately, it appears the dress code is only the start of this controversy,” said Students First Ontario.

The group says this initiative is about putting students’ interests and well-being first and will not tolerate any hate speech, threats or violence.

All financials, says the parents’ group, will be transparent.

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