Combine new condo units to make a custom dream home in Oakville

By Industry Expert: Diane Bertolin

Published May 10, 2024 at 1:17 pm

Combine new condo units to make a custom dream home at Residences at Bronte Lakeside in Oakville, a pre-construction condominium project being developed by Alliance United Corporation Oakville

It’s not common for a new condominium to allow purchasers to buy multiple units which they can then combine or customize, but a new condo project in Oakville is doing exactly that.

At Residences at Bronte Lakeside in Oakville, a pre-construction condominium project being developed by Alliance United Corporation, buyers are being encouraged to combine multiple units and customize them to make their ideal dream home steps from the lake.

As developers, it’s crucial that we constantly think about the different ways in which people live, and that’s why Bronte Lakeside has decided to accommodate customization — and why many of our customers have made such requests.

It’s instructive to note that combining units isn’t possible the nearer a building is to completion. Before construction can even begin, the building plan must be finalized, at which point such significant modifications are almost impossible. In an existing building, a condo board would need to approve such an undertaking, and that may be very cumbersome to say the least.

Arguably the biggest reason developers are reluctant to combine units is the potential for interference with structural design, electrical, plumbing, and other parts of the building’s design functions.

One reason the adoption rate of customized units is so high at Bronte Lakeside is several buyers are empty nesters with a more demanding wish list. Downsizing into a condo after decades of living in a large house can be a major adjustment, but by combining units, purchasers can keep much of that space while freeing themselves of the hassle that comes with maintaining large properties.

Combined units are not very common in condo developments. Prior to launching The Residences at Bronte Lakeside, I’d only seen a handful of combination suites; however, there are more than 15 (and counting) at our Bronte development.

Many older couples prefer sleeping in separate bedrooms. However, most two-bedroom condominium units only have one principal bedroom, so combining two units into one larger suite offers the opportunity of having two principal bedrooms, and customizing the entire living space.

In addition to two principal bedrooms — and because the range of combined units is typically anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet —purchasers can also add a third bedroom to their custom suite which can be an office, den or simply a guest bedroom.

Empty nesters aren’t the only contingent of buyers who might find combination suites appealing. Young families also see the advantage of living in a larger space and having no home maintenance to worry about.

Another reason combining units has appealed to buyers is the convenience it can present. In the remote work era, there’s an opportunity to design a suite that has a dedicated office space so that multiple inhabitants can work without interference.

It all makes so much sense. Buying a new condominium at the pre-construction stage offers purchasers a host of appealing options.

Diane Bertolin is a partner at Alliance United Corporation, a developer with over 30 years of collective experience developing low, mid, and high-rise real estate. They pride themselves in delivering high-quality, functional living spaces with all the superlative finishings that are often found in luxury builds.

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