Colour-Changing Beer Cans Coming to Brampton and Beyond

Published May 16, 2017 at 4:29 pm

First delightful unicorns, now this.

First delightful unicorns, now this.

Just when you thought consumable products couldn’t get more whimsical following the success of the much-loved (and sometimes maligned) Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, Coors Light announces that it’s launching six limited edition “Summer Certified” sun-activated, colour-changing beer cans in Canada.

The world, it seems, just loves a pop of colour right now (perhaps it’s a great distraction from sky-high housing prices and Donald Trump?).

Coors Light recently announced that the cans–which are the first of their kind–use solar-activated ink technology. Coors says the beverages, which are now available across the country, boast designs painted in photochromic ink that are almost invisible until the cans are exposed to UV rays.

Once exposed to sunlight, the colours become visible.

“The bright UV activated colours do not indicate that the beer is getting warm,” Coors Light reassured cold beer aficionados in a statement.  “In fact, the cans still carry the thermochromic ink Coors Light pioneered to turn its mountain iconography blue indicating that the beer is ‘Cold Certified’ and ready to drink.

The cans are available in 355 mL and 473 mL serving sizes all summer long from now until Labour Day, so check out your local Beer Store or LCBO if you want some distinctly summery cans.

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