Close to 500 new COVID-19 cases reported in Ontario, over 600 total cases confirmed in Mississauga


The province says that 494 new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Ontario and that over 380 residents have died of the virus. While case numbers are increasing, it does not appear that the rate of hospitalizations is increasing at this time.

As of 4:00 pm on April 14, Ontario is reporting 8,447 cases of the novel coronavirus in the province. 

The province says 385 people have died of the disease, while another 3,902 have made full recoveries. 

The province says 795 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized, with 254 being treated in intensive care units. The website says 188 patients are currently using ventilators. 

According to the website, 119,092 people have been tested for the virus and 4,429 possible cases are under investigation. The website says 6,010 tests have been completed in the last day. 

According to Peel Public Health's COVID-19 website (which was updated at 10:00 am on April 15), 1,156 people have been diagnosed in the region and 25 people have died of the virus. Peel Public Health says 16 deaths have occurred in Mississauga. Eight deaths have been reported in Brampton and one death has been reported in Caledon. 

Peel Public Health says six residents have died in long-term care homes. 

There are currently 482 cases in Brampton, 45 in Caledon and 622 in Mississauga. 

Seven cases are pending more information.

Residents are reminded to wash their hands frequently and stay home unless it is not possible to do so.

Cover photo courtesy of The Canadian Press

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