Close to 2,000 COVID-19 cases reported in Ontario, with over 100 cases confirmed in Mississauga


As testing increases, more cases of COVID-19 are being diagnosed across Ontario.

As of 4:00 pm on March 29, Ontario is reporting 1,706 cases of the novel coronavirus in the province

The province says 23 people have died of the disease, while another 431 have made full recoveries. The province's updated website provides some interesting demographic information as well. According to the website, 857 men and 837 women have been diagnosed with COVID-19. The province says that 1,319 people diagnosed have been between the ages of 20 and 64, meaning people in that age range comprise 77.3 per cent of patients. 

The province says 48,461 people have been tested for the virus. 

According to Peel Public Health's COVID-19 website (which was updated at 10:00 am on March 30), 216 people have been diagnosed in the region. There are currently 73 cases in Brampton, 12 in Caledon and 125 in Mississauga. Six cases are currently pending more information. 

According to Halton Region Public Health, there were 27 cases in the region as of 5:30 pm on March 29. 

Of the 27 cases reported by the Halton Region, two cases have been diagnosed in Milton, 14 in Oakville, 10 in Burlington and one in Georgetown. 

A Milton man in his 50s died of the virus earlier this month. 

The Halton Region website says a woman in her 20s has been hospitalized. A woman in her 70s is also listed as being in hospital. 

According to Hamilton Public Health, there were 70 cases in the city as of 12:00 pm on March 29. The city says 10 people have had to be hospitalized and one person has died. 

There is evidence of community spread in all three regions.

Residents are reminded to wash their hands frequently and stay home unless it is not possible to do so.

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