City advocating for better integration between Brampton Transit and other agencies across GTHA


Published October 20, 2021 at 1:06 pm

The City of Brampton continues to push for integration between Brampton Transit and other agencies including the TTC.

“We believe strongly that transit is very much interconnected across the GTA,” Mayor Patrick Brown said during his weekly press conference on Wednesday (October 20).

Currently, certain routes that travel from Brampton to parts of North Toronto and Vaughan require an additional fare charge, which can become a hindrance for those struggling to get to work and school.

These additional fares can make commuting much more difficult, and potentially inaccessible for many residents who rely on public transit as their sole means of transportation.

Because of how interconnected cities across the GTHA are, many people work in one city, but live in another, and, while there are efficient ways of traveling between cities, individual transit agencies can actually make it more complicated.

“When you have different jurisdictions, that’s an obstacle in itself, and it’s part of the challenge in the GTHA—we’re so interconnected, but we all have our own transit agencies,” Brown said.

“Someone who lives in Vaughan could work in Brampton and someone who lives in Brampton could work in Mississauga, so we’ve historically pushed for more fare integration and partnerships with other transit agencies,” he added.

In order to make transit more accessible between cities and regions, Brown and Brampton City Council are calling on the provincial and federal governments to provide funding that could facilitate better integration between agencies.

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