City might consider moving new bike lanes in Brampton, but won’t be getting rid of them


Published November 26, 2021 at 2:24 pm


While there may have been some pushback from residents regarding the new bike lanes in Brampton, Mayor Patrick Brown says they’re not going anywhere.

Many residents have recently questioned some of the new bike lanes that have popped up, with some attributing them to an increase in traffic congestion.

Additionally, a common complaint among residents is that the new bike lanes, which have replaced driving lanes on some streets, are rarely used by residents.

“I want to incorporate active transportation into city building. We want to create a healthy active city, and you have to build cities for people, not just for cars,” Brown said in an interview with Publisher Khaled Iwamura.

Brown did acknowledge that it’s much easier to incorporate bike lanes in new subdivisions as opposed to retrofitting them into existing ones.

“In older subdivisions, it’s more complicated, because for decades the City built roads for cars and they never incorporated trails, so we’re looking at ways in which we can incorporate some cycling trails into older subdivisions,” he said.

However, Brown did concede that certain bike lanes can be relocated if they aren’t properly serving residents.

“We’re certainly open to route changes if it isn’t the right fit, but on a broad level, we’re not going to back down from our commitment to investing in active transportation,” he said.

Further, Brown emphasized the fact that the addition of bike lanes and walking trails not only provides alternatives to driving, it also promotes a more active, healthy lifestyle.

“This renewed commitment to active transportation is part of an overall strategy for health in our city,” he said. “I want to make sure that in every subdivision in Brampton there are opportunities for walking trails and cycling paths.”

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