Changes to out-of-country medical coverage are now in effect


Those who plan on traveling in the near future should be aware of changes to out-of-country medical coverage in Ontario that are now in effect.

“We are working to educate travelers to make sure they know what they are buying. We are an organization founded to help keep our members safe, and coverage while traveling abroad is a big part of that,” Elliott Silverstein, director of government relations for CAA Insurance, said in a news release.

“Travel insurance protects from unexpected and costly emergencies and it’s important to evaluate available coverage, based on personal needs, to determine how to best safeguard you and your family. This is even more important now that there is no coverage through OHIP,” he continued.

Those looking to purchase travel insurance are encouraged to be honest to ensure you have the right coverage and look at what the plan provides, not just the price.

Additionally, travelers should be aware of what their coverage includes, such as the amount—if any—of their deductable, the length their coverage lasts, and what the benefit limits for it are.

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