CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Transport Truck Fails at Using Mississauga Drive-Thru


You know that “if I fits, I sits” meme that only applies to cats attempting to squeeze themselves into egg cartons and tiny Chinese takeout containers?

It looks like it also applies to hungry transport truck drivers who really, really want some McD’s.

A YouTube video titled “Only in Brampton” and uploaded by Juan Jaramillo shows a transport truck driver trying—and failing—to get his massive vehicle through a McDonald’s drive-thru at Derry and Tomken (which is actually in Mississauga, but is quite close to Brampton).

When you get a Mac Attack there is no stopping anyone to succeed!!!!,” Jaramillo writes before later replying to a comment and indicating that the driver had to eventually back out and hit a bush in the process.

You can hear Jaramillo laughing while he films the truck desperately trying to round the corner and make it to the window, before finally uttering “only in Brampton, baby. Only in Brampton.”

The fact that it’s not quite in Brampton isn’t terribly important, as the McD’s is close enough to attract both Brampton and Mississauga drivers on the regular.

It just goes to show that nothing, not even snow and a too-small drive-thru entrance, will stop hungry diners from doing anything in their power to grab some chicken nuggets.

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