CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Rare Coyote Sighting in City Centre Mississauga

Published February 11, 2017 at 1:53 pm


Early Saturday morning around 6am (February 11, 2017), we caught footage of a coyote by Cooksville creek by Burnhamthorpe Road right next to the Absolute Towers.

While people are often concerned that a coyote might attack a human (namely a child or small adult), the risk is low.

Typically, coyotes shy away from humans, but are known to watch and follow people from afar out of natural curiosity. If you display an aggressive action while being watched by a coyote (such as yelling or moving quickly), there’s a good chance it will become frightened and leave.

When it comes to urban coyotes, the main concern usually revolves around house pets. Shy or not, coyotes will hunt pets who are off-leash or otherwise unattended outdoors. 

So, what do you do if you encounter a coyote while walking your dog around City Centre?

According to Mississauga Animal Services, it’s best to stay calm and wait for the animal to retreat. If you give into your instinct to turn and run from the petite but quick-footed beasty, it will chase you and your pet (much like a domestic dog would). If the animal continues to approach you, it’s best to stand tall and waive your arms and make yourself as tall as possible.

You can also clap, shout, make startling movements or throw objects in the coyote’s general direction. If you behave aggressively and erratically, the coyote will likely run off.

That said, do not approach or attempt to chase the animal — that is extremely dangerous and may provoke an attack. You can also startle your furry stalker by opening an umbrella, using a flashlight (you should always carry a flashlight during nighttime walks in unlit areas) or activating an alarm or other loud noise on your phone.

Rare Sighting of a Coyote in City Centre in Mississauga from insauga on Vimeo.

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