CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Escalator Trick Grabs Attention at Square One


Published November 25, 2016 at 2:35 pm

square one different name

People ride the escalators every day at Square One, but few do so in such an unusual fashion.

On Nov. 19, Twitter user Jayzelle Abellanosa posted a video of his impromptu stunt on a food court area escalator in one of Mississauga’s busiest and most bustling malls.

In the video, Abellanosa can be seen grabbing the handrail of the moving staircase with one hand and riding it upwards from the outside. During the course of the brief video, Abellanosa is lifted off his feet and ascends for a short while before the clip ends. People can be heard giggling in the background, while others appear more shocked and amused than anything else.

The best part is probably Abellanosa’s stony, straight-forward stare.

On Nov. 20, he wrote on Instagram that he didn’t ride all the way up and advised “don’t kill yourselves if you’re doing this.”

He also said it was hard to keep a straight face during the event.

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