CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Crazy footage serves as chilling reminder to drivers


On Friday (Dec. 6), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sgt. Kerry Schmidt posted a video to serve as a chilling reminder to Ontario drivers.

The video, which appears to be footage from a dashcam, shows a car navigating a local highway when a chunk of ice from another vehicle comes loose and smashes the windshield of the filming car.

No injuries were reported, but the windshield was completely shattered.

This is why we ask you to clean the snow and ice off your vehicle,” Schmidt said in the tweet accompanying the video.

As the wintry weather descends upon us, it seems that some drivers need gentle reminders to take greater care on the roads and in preparation for hitting the road.

Earlier this week, Schmidt tweeted out a video of multiple vehicles pulling u-turns near a construction zone on the 403 in Mississauga.

In the video, posted on Sunday — the day the region was hit with a nasty ice storm — Schmidt appears incredulous, remarking that he isn’t even sure what to do.

I don’t know what to do. This is a disaster waiting to happen,” Schmidt said.

Later on that day, Schmidt tweeted that the OPP responded to over 400 collisions in the GTA that day alone.

Drive safe, everyone.

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