Catch the salmon run at this great viewing spot in Mississauga


Published October 10, 2023 at 12:01 pm

Mississauga salmon run
The annual salmon run in Mississauga takes place each fall. (Photo: City of Mississauga)

Mississauga residents can grab a look at one of nature’s “most amazing feats” and get some exercise at the same time on a community bike ride this Saturday.

Offered by the City of Mississauga, the Salmon Run Community Ride takes place on Oct. 14 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. starting at Erindale Park (just east of Mississauga Road and Dundas Street West).

The free, all-ages ride features both 8- and 16-kilometre routes and will take participants via the Culham Trail to a great viewing spot to see the salmon as they swim up the Credit River, city officials say.

The salmon run takes place each autumn in the Credit River in Canada’s seventh-largest city.

“If you’re somebody who loves the opportunity to observe nature while getting exercise, you will love this ride,” organizers say. “Each year during fall, these 20-plus-pound salmon make their way from Lake Ontario and up the Credit River to spawn. The salmon run is a fascinating show that is a must see.”

In partnership with Pearson Airport, Mississauga hosts community bike rides each year from May through October. The rides are designed with a variety of distances and take participants through different Mississauga neighbourhoods.

Those interested in participating must register ahead of time.

Mississauga officials say there are several great locations to check out “this annual phenomenon” known as the salmon run, which peaks in early October.

They add it’s well worth the effort to grab a front row seat to witness the migration.

“This time of year, these massive fish will push their way against the current of the Credit River to spawn and lay their eggs,” officials said in an earlier news release. “As water temperatures start to cool and water levels deepen thanks to fall rains, freshwater salmon begin their yearly trek from the mouth of Lake Ontario up the Credit River to spawn.”

Mississauga officials familiar with the annual event say the following locations are the best places to catch a glimpse of the salmon run:

  • Erindale Park: the city’s largest park offers extensive trails through ravines and open spaces providing many opportunities to get up close to the Credit River
  • Meadowvale Conservation Area: located in the north end of the city, this “natural oasis” gives a good opportunity to watch the salmon migration from a pedestrian bridge overlooking the Credit River
  • Riverwood: The 150-acre park and “urban oasis” offers accessible trails and great views, officials say. “The Credit River flows through the park’s western border, offering excellent spots to watch the salmon run.”

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