Cars parked on Grimsby streets during snowplowing could get towed, says town


Published December 1, 2021 at 1:14 pm

Grimsby is going to be tough on any vehicles blocking roadways due snowplowing this winter, warns Brandon Wartman, the town’s Director of Public Works.

Citing the Highway Traffic Act, Wartman reiterated that the town prohibits cars parked on streets that could be a deterrent to plowing snow.

The Act states, “Any vehicle parked or standing in such a manner as to interfere with municipal snow clearing operations may be ticketed or towed away.”

And it’s on the owner to pay for it back. “Vehicles towed may be moved or taken, and placed or stored in a suitable place, and all costs and charges for removing, care and storage thereof, if any, are a lien upon the vehicle.”

“Please co-operate with the Town’s Public Works Department by keeping your vehicle off the street when it appears that snow clearing will be done, and by refraining from depositing snow and ice on the roadway,” said Wartman.

“Your co-operation in helping the Public Works Department keep our maintenance operations efficient and our roadways safe this winter is greatly appreciated.”

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