Canadians not prioritizing their mental health: survey


With the pandemic now having hit nine months, and, despite the fact a vaccine is available, it appears likely it will stick around at least for the beginning of 2021.

As a result, many Canadians continue to struggle with their mental health.

A recent survey from Sun Life found that 60 per cent of Canadians' mental health continues to be negatively affected by the pandemic.

However, based on the findings, nearly half of Canadians--40 per cent--do not spend time on their mental health during the week.

According to the results, men are more likely than women to neglect their mental health--46 per cent of reported spending no time on their mental health during the week, compared to 34 per cent of women.

Additionally, when it comes to results based on generation, Boomers--Canadians 55 and older--are the least likely to focus on their mental health.

Further, of those who spend time on their mental health, most--22 per cent--spend less than an hour each week, while 21 per cent spend between one and three hours each week.

Moreover, only nine per cent of Canadians reported spending between three and five hours per week on their mental health.

“Many people think focusing on their mental health means therapy - but that’s only one tool available. There are various actions you can take to help improve your mental health. Whether you’re getting some fresh air or doing a free online mindfulness program, it’s the small steps that add up,” Sam Mikail, director of Mental Health Solutions for Sun Life, said in a news release.

“Managing your mental health is a process that we all must make time for. Investing now can help reduce potential issues down the road," he continued.

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