Canadians not getting enough sleep


Published March 19, 2021 at 2:32 pm


Has the pandemic negatively impacted your sleep?

Despite the fact we spend a significant amount of our lives sleeping, many people still don’t appreciate how important it is for our health and well-being.

Sleep is fundamental to proper brain function, and it also provides recovery that is necessary for the body to perform optimally.

Additionally, proper sleep habits can help improve productivity, concentration, energy, creativity, and emotional regulation and management.

Friday (March 19) is World Sleep Day, an event created to help raise awareness of the importance of sleep.

To coincide with World Sleep Day, SleepScore Labs—in partnership with Sleep Country—released recent analysis regarding how Canadians are sleeping.

According to the findings, many Canadians are averaging just six hours of sleep per night, which is less than the optimal seven to nine hours.

However, when it comes to falling asleep the majority of Canadians—79 per cent—are within the recommended window of five to 30 minutes, with the average being 22 minutes.

This indicates Canadians aren’t having trouble falling asleep, they’re simply not prioritizing getting enough sleep.

“Sleep Country is on a mission to awaken Canadians to the power of sleep and its ability to foster better health and wellbeing, and this data reinforces that Canadians need to take active measures to prioritize their sleep,” Dave Friesema, CEO of Sleep Country Canada, said in a news release.

“This year has been exceptionally challenging on all of us, but the pandemic has also motivated Canadians to place a stronger importance on their personal health and wellness – and a good night’s sleep needs to be an integral part of the equation. This World Sleep Day, we want to inspire Canadians to reflect on their current sleep habits and educate them on how they can improve their sleep,” he continued.

In light of this information, Sleep Country is encouraging Canadians to adopt better sleep habits through their new #MySleepPromise campaign.

Through the campaign, they’re urging Canadians to take action to improve their sleep, including reducing screen time before bed, creating a relaxing bedtime ritual, or calming their mind with intentional breathing before going to bed.

They’re also encouraging participants to share their Sleep Promise on social media by tagging @sleepcountrycan and using the hashtag #MySleepPromise.

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