Canadian Vaping Association concerned about potential government regulations


Published November 15, 2019 at 12:27 am


The Canadian Vaping Association (CVA), which is made up of members who sell and distribute vape products, is urging the government to ensure new regulations regarding vaping is fact-based, as opposed to based on speculation and fear.

After several people have developed lung illnesses that have been linked to vaping, many provinces have begun imposing more regulations on it—including Ontario, which has banned the promotion of vape-related products in convenience stores.

However, the CVA is urging the government to refrain from enacting legislature without understanding the source of illness that has been associated with vaping, as well as youth uptake.

“We have been working closely with Health Canada to develop public policy and regulatory processes that address the spike in youth uptake, by limiting the sale of vape products to adult-only specialty vape shops and restricting their promotion to age-restricted environments,” Darryl Tempest, Executive Director of the Canadian Vaping Association, said in a news release.

“Setting this standard on access to vaping products globally is the best approach to proactively preventing youth access to these products in the first place,” he continued.

In addition to Ontario’s ban on promoting vape products, some provinces have considered banning flavoured vape products in an effort to curb youth vape use. However, the CVA has expressed concerns that banning flavours could cause people who have switched to vaping relapse and return to cigarettes.

“We have a number of customers that rely on the flavour of their vaping products to keep them away from cigarettes,” Tempest said.

“Flavoured products available in adult-only, specialty vape shops would offer smokers looking to transition away from cigarettes or quit altogether a less harmful option. At the same time, these retail locations would be inaccessible to youth – wherein lies the root of the current issue,” he added.

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