Canada’s Wonderland is Building Longest, Fastest, Highest Roller-Coaster for 2019

Published August 15, 2018 at 12:43 pm


A GTA amusement park is introducing a record-setting roller coaster for the 2019 season.

Canada’s Wonderland will be rolling out the Yukon Striker.

It’s the longest, fastest and tallest dive roller coaster in the world, according to the park.

What’s in store?

An epic journey high above the park’s skyline where you’ll hang over a 90-degree drop “for three breathtaking seconds, staring 245 feet down into an underwater tunnel,” the website reads. 

“Then suddenly you dive, reaching speeds of 130 km/h and soaring through four dynamic inversions, including a complete 360-degree loop – the only one of its kind for a dive coaster.” 

It’s a  three-minute, 25 second thrill with a 75 metre drop.

The launch of Yukon Striker coincides with the official opening of Frontier Canada, a gold rush-themed attraction area in Canada’s Wonderland. 

The theme park opened in 1981.

Will you ride the Yukon Striker?

World Records
1. The fastest dive coaster at 130 km/h (80 mph)
2. The longest dive coaster at 3,625 feet (1,105 metres)
3. Tallest dive coaster at 245 feet (75 metres) – includes underground

(Source: Canada’s Wonderland)

Photo courtesy of  Canada’s Wonderland

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