Canada Will Soon Have A Cat Video Festival Across the Country

Published March 13, 2019 at 3:31 am


Cats. You love them, or you have strong feelings of the opposite feeling towards them.

You can’t deny, however, that, in the spur of the moment, felines can get up to some pretty ridiculous things. And many across the globe have doctored footage of them doing just that, for whatever reason.

Now, an entire video festival is being curated around those same videos, courtesy of the Cat Video Festival.

The CatVidFest is an American organization that boasts 70-minute compilation reels of unique submissions of cats doing almost any and every action, or reaction, available. The festival is available in settings such as theatres, museums, and outdoor festivals, and is family-friendly enough for all to watch and enjoy.

Currently, Canada will see four cities, and their respective theatres, hosting the festival.

  • Victoria, B.C. (March 15, 16)

  • Hamilton, Ontario (April 4)

  • Vancouver, B.C. (April 20)

  • Winnipeg, Manitoba (May 23)

Putting the obvious entertainment factor aside, CatVidFest also raises awareness and money for cats in need globally. A percentage of all proceeds from each event goes towards local animal shelters or animal welfare non-profit organizations.

Through this initiative, the organization is able to directly fund causes that require the most attention, such as sending money to areas where the feral cat population is affected.

So you can enjoy the laughs, while resting assured that this joyous event is being done for a great cause.

Ticket prices will vary depending on each city and their respective theatres.

A preview of the fest can be viewed here, while information on the first event can be found on the Facebook page.

You can also check out the social media CatVidFest on Twitter or Instagram.

Is this the perfect (yes, enunciate with the purr in mind) festival ever made?

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