Canada has the second highest dental costs out of all G7 countries


Published March 19, 2024 at 12:41 pm

Canadian Dental Costs

Canada has the second-highest dental costs of all G7 countries.

A recent report by Healthnews, a global wellness publication, revealed how staggering certain dental costs are across major G7 countries. Canada is no exception and ranks near the top for maintenance costs for one’s pearly whites. 

The research involved a large pool of over 350 sources, which included dental practices, government health resources and pricing platforms. As indicated in the collected data, the US holds the highest average cost for a dental check-up, sitting at roughly $518 USD. However, the great white north is not too far off, as Canada takes second place, with average prices hovering around $414 USD. 

As for the entire G7 roster, which includes countries like the UK, France, Japan, Germany and Italy, pricing for services is as follows:

Country Cleaning $(USD) Crowns $(USD) Root Canals $ (USD) Extraction $ (USD)
US  163 1052 838 305
Canada 136 989 542 198
UK 92 627 482 238
France 115 418 436 126
Japan 121 460 327 204
Germany 89 323 391 113
Italy 78 308 256 97

As detailed in the research, dental care in Canada is not part of the universal healthcare system, which is a vital reason why the costs for dental care are ranked so high.

Even with services like the Canadian Dental Benefit (CDB) affordable dental care is still challenging for most Canadians across the board. 

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