Can you escape this abandoned hospital in Mississauga?

Published July 14, 2022 at 10:11 am

For escape room enthusiasts and newcomer escapists alike, TRAPPED Mississauga has a brand new challenge for you: Room 057.

It’s the newest escape room theme from the popular TRAPPED Mississauga location, which boasts five thrilling escape rooms, a spacious lobby, party room, claw machine, board games, mini escape games for home use and gifting, and other fun goodies. Use code [Trapped_Insauga] for a discount when you book your next visit.

In the year 2036, you wake up wondering why you just had that same dream again of being trapped in an abandoned hospital – with a blurry visual of a door labeled Room 057. You and your team must follow that blurry memory of yours to find your way back to the hospital and finally uncover the truth behind your long lost memory.

Room 057 is a 60-minute adventure that’s geared towards 3 to 7 players.

TRAPPED Mississauga also has four other escape rooms, all of which feature unique and exciting themes:

  • Ancient Pyramid: You and your team decide to enter the Great Pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt to uncover the secrets of the king’s tomb. However, mysterious forces have led you astray and you can’t find a way out…

  • Medieval Prison: You are a peasant living in the 14th century, sentenced to death by hanging. In one hour, the jail warden will come and bring you to the gallows. However, the previous prisoner in your cell seems to have left you a clue on how to escape.

  • Death Note: Criminals around the world are dying of inexplicable heart attacks. Your mission is to infiltrate the room of Light Yagami, a high school student and a prime suspect – and discover the killer’s secrets before he gets you next.
  • Chaos Effect: Described as the “ultimate science fiction adventure”, Chaos Effect isn’t just about escaping a room. You and your teammates will need to find out your real purpose after entering the room.

For those still unfamiliar with the escape game trend, an escape game is a fun, interactive adventure (usually about an hour in length) in which you and your team must explore, find clues, and solve puzzles to escape the room before time runs out.

They’re not just for fun, though – studies indicate that escape rooms are beneficial for education, critical thinking, and working together as a team. That’s why TRAPPED Mississauga has become the preferred venue for team building and corporate events for many companies in the region, who book the spacious lobby and well-decorated party room for their meetings and catering.

As a family friendly location, TRAPPED Mississauga is also a popular option for birthday parties and other social occasions. You can book the party room for a little more than two hours (including an hour for the game) and get two large pizzas and drinks, all included in the price.

TRAPPED Mississauga offers gift vouchers to purchase, which make a great gift for the holidays and other special occasions.

For even more savings, use code [Trapped_Insauga] for a discount when you book your next visit.

TRAPPED’s friendly staff will be there to ensure your escapades go smoothly and all COVID-19 safety procedures are followed, including proof of vaccination.

Click here to book your next adventure, or visit TRAPPED Mississauga’s website for more information. You can follow TRAPPED Mississauga on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Are you brave enough to be TRAPPED?

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