Cameras at Dixie and Howden in Brampton for regulating traffic lights, not enforcing rules


Published October 28, 2021 at 4:04 pm

Some Brampton residents were concerned regarding the discovery of the addition of cameras at the intersection of Dixie Road and Howden Boulevard.

The intersection is one of the many in Brampton that was recently updated to include a dedicated lane for cyclists, and some were concerned the addition of the cameras were to catch and ticket drivers.

“Looks like they installed cameras above the bike lane at Dixie and Howden,” Reddit user suprgrovr43 posted on the Brampton subreddit page. “Are they trying to catch people turning right through the bike lane?”

Another user pointed out, if the cameras were to monitor traffic, they would need to include signs indicating their presence ahead of their location.

Reddit user and Brampton resident Maico80 reached out to representatives from the City, and learned the cameras are not to enforce traffic rules, but rather to help regulate traffic lights.

“Howden, the cameras were installed to detect the cyclist in order to cycle the traffic signals,” reads a response from City officials Maico80 shared to the Brampton subreddit page.

The cameras are in place to act as a signal for traffic lights to acknowledge there is a cyclist waiting for the light to change—without them, cyclists would have to wait for a car to trigger the sensor for the light to change.

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