After just about three weeks on the market, the GTA’s only all-female ridesharing app is facing a serious issue and has been suspended until further notice. 
They’re all corporate giants you’ll recognize - and probably frequent on a daily basis - if you live in Canada.And one popular coffee chain has some more damage control to do.
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There’s no crying in baseball, as Tom Hanks famously said in A League of Their Own … but what about shedding tears at work?
If you’re a small business owner or a young person aged 15-29 in Mississauga, you might be intrigued by this new program in Ontario. 
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Hold your moose and don't drop your french vanilla, Mississauga - this coffee chain is going to look pretty different in the next three years. 
Facebook is under fire after recent allegations of unauthorized access and use of people’s Facebook profiles, said the federal privacy commissioner on Wednesday.
Are you in the market for a new job in the city?
The nostalgia! The cheap jewelry! And the millions and millions of ear piercings!