Mississauga is no stranger to business and has, over the years, attracted a plethora of well-known employers to the city.
With Sears shuttering its stores, it’s no surprise that massive corporations are feeling the effects of the minimum wage increase in Mississauga and beyond.
Great news for consumers!
It's official—Sears Canada is shuttering all of its stores.The news, though incredibly disappointing for the brand's over 12,000 employees, is not at all surprising.
If you or someone you know is in the market for a new job, you might be happy to hear that a well-known company is officially calling Mississauga home and is on the lookout for Canadian talent.
Sad news - Mississaugans can no longer order some of their favourite coffee products from the comfort of their own homes - a huge coffee chain has suddenly ceased all online retail operat
Are you looking for work in Mississauga?If so, an opportunity might have just arisen.
Teaching, for many, is a calling—one that some students dream about from the moment they first set foot in a classroom.
It's no secret that the working world has never been more innovative or modern.
If you work in Mississauga, or you live in Mississauga but work outside of it, you may have noticed that many employers are trying to build more diverse and inclusive workplaces - or, at least