Break-Ins on the Rise in Mississauga


Although the idea of a break-in is terrifying at the best of times, people tend to worry more about break-ins during and immediately after the holiday season and for good reason—many households contain brand new (and sometimes expensive) items.

Peel police recently advised homeowners in Brampton and Mississauga to be more vigilant regarding home security, as there has been an increase in break-ins in the region (an increase that police say correlates with the holidays).

"With the inclement weather and snow accumulation over the last few weeks, homes are easily identified as being unoccupied and are made for an easy target for a break-in," Peel police said in a statement.

Because an abundance of snow around a home typically indicates that the homeowners are away, police say it's important to ensure your home looks occupied.

Police are reminding homeowners to have trusted neighbours, friends, or family members check on their residence and clear snow around entrances, driveways and garages.

Police also say that homeowners should place interior lights on timers, install external motion sensor lights, and have their mail or papers removed from the front of the residence.

"If possible, homeowners could also ask a neighbour to park a vehicle in their driveway while they are away," police say.

Residents are also advised to be vigilant in general and report any suspicious activity to police.

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