Brand New Unique Seafood Restaurant Opening in Mississauga


Published January 11, 2018 at 8:49 pm


Have you ever found yourself overcome by persistent hankering for seafood?

If so, you might be happy to hear that a unique new seafood joint is about to open up in one of the city’s busiest and most bustling shopping areas.

Boil Plus, a new “seafood fusion” restaurant that’s associated with the popular Sushi 168 brand, is about to open its doors in the Heartland Town Centre area.

The restaurant, which will reportedly offer a range of creative seafood dishes (some in traditional boil bags), will no doubt please residents who were sad to lose the relatively new L.A. Boil resto, which only lasted a short time in the Dundas and Winston Churchill location recently adopted by Watan Kabob.

Although L.A. Boil still operates a location in the city’s east end, fans of heaping plates of steaming lobster will probably be happy to have a dining option in Mississauga’s north end.

As for the menu, images released by the mysterious resto (no one is saying much about the new establishment just yet) suggest that the restaurant will augment its boiled bags of crustaceans with sandwiches, rice dishes and ramen.

We’ll keep you updated on more new opening details as they emerge.

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