Brand New Latin Street Food Restaurant Opens in Brampton

Published August 27, 2018 at 8:39 pm

You know what they say – where one door closes, another opens!

You know what they say – where one door closes, another opens!

Kennedy Road is a popular spot for street food and takeout restaurants, and now, a brand new Honduran street food joint has opened near Queen and Kennedy.

When JB’s Street Meat closed some time ago, many were left wondering what would take its place.

Baleadas Latin Food has officially taken over the space once occupied by JB’s Street Meat.

You might be wondering – what is baleadas?

It’s actually a traditional Honduran food that consists of a thick tortilla, red beans, and often cheese.

The incredibly versatile dish can be stuffed with anything you might put in a burrito or a taco.

Over at Baleadas on Kennedy, you can find a few types of baleadas, including one with a homemade, cream-based sauce, beans, and cheese, one with avocado and eggs, and even a loaded one with all of the above plus beef.

They even have some tacos and burritos of their own if you’re looking for something other than this place’s classic dish.

This small spot is a good choice for cheap, unique, and tasty eats.

Baleadas Latin Food
47 Kennedy Road North

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