Brand New Burger Joint Arrives in Mississauga


Published May 25, 2017 at 4:20 pm


Is there such a thing as too many burger joints? 

Starting next week, another burger joint will be escalating the burger wars in Mississauga.

Burgers fans in the city might be happy to know that the brand new Queen St. Burger is preparing for its upcoming grand opening this coming Monday, May 29 and has been serving curious customers burgers, taters and side dishes as part of its recent soft launch. The new resto, located in the Queen St. and Britannia area, is owned and operated by the same family that ran the Mary Brown’s franchise formerly located in the space.

The owners have rejuvenated the concept and are now offering diners an assortment of gourmet burgers with simple, classic toppings and sides.

“We’ve gone with a simple gourmet burger concept,” explains T. Choi, owner of Queen St. Burger. “A lot of burgers are very expensive with all these toppings mixed up, that you can’t really taste all the different toppings.”

The new restaurant, Choi says, will focus on serving the busy professionals who are always on the go, eating out most of the days and looking for quality made-to-order burgers at an affordable price.

To set itself apart, QSB offers a wide selection of patties, including chicken burgers, shrimp burgers and bulgogi burgers with simple toppings. And while burgers are typically viewed as a treat (or cheat meal), Choi says the restaurant offers health-conscious consumers the option to substitute the buns for lettuce.

In terms of side dishes, the restaurant offers its own original take on the taters, all sliced in-house and cooked fresh every morning, along with fries, onion rings and tater/fries poutine.

As for what inspired the creation of the restaurant, Choi said she had trouble finding a healthy and affordable restaurant to eat at every day.

“While working downtown, I would eat out every day but had trouble finding healthy options that were reasonably priced and had more flavours than just grass. The lettuce option is available in the States and parts of Toronto, but I couldn’t find any in my area or near my work. With the lettuce option, people can get the protein they want without feeling guilty.”  

The small space–which Choi affectionately refers to as “a gem in the wall”–functions primarily as a take-out joint, but does offer some stool and bar-style seating.

The price point, Choi says, is key.

“It’s hard to find a quality burger under $7 and it’s hard to eat out every day, but we want to make it simple.”





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