Brampton working on City’s Riverwalk Area Urban Design Master Plan


Published November 2, 2020 at 4:49 pm

Back in September, the City of Brampton approved the Downtown Brampton Flood Protection Environmental Assessment, allowing for the widening of Etobicoke Creek through the City’s downtown. 

This initiative, which is subject to change upon government funding, will help unlock the economic potential of Brampton’s downtown area and the design will reduce existing flood risk in the area.

It will also help to provide the foundation to implement the Riverwalk; a project that will help revitalize the downtown area while also making it more sustainable.

The Riverwalk will also provide an innovative, long-term solution to eliminate the flood risk in the area, which in turn will generate urban growth and development, attract investment and extend and improve public space.

Downtown Brampton lies within the Etobicoke Creek floodplain.

Due to provincial policies revolving around hazard management, they have restricted the type and amount of development that can occur today.

The Riverwalk envisions a remade Etobicoke Creek which will be surrounded by public spaces and parks connected by the Etobicoke Creek valley corridor and a trail system, with the removal of the existing flood risk and the restrictions on planning and development in the area.

The project is expected to unlock 3.6 million square feet of residential, commercial and retail space in the downtown, creating more than 23,000 jobs and a $1.4 billion impact on the GDP.

“Unlocking the potential of downtown Brampton is a key priority for Council, as is being a Green City that is strong, resilient and sustainable,” said Mayor Patrick Brown.

“Riverwalk is a transformational project that will help support us in both these objectives, and also put Brampton on the map for its innovative and impactful solution to mitigating flood risk, generating development and creating jobs, and improving public space for all to enjoy.”

From now until November 6, residents are invited to have their say and provide feedback on the Riverwalk Area Urban Design Master Plan (UDMP).

The City is seeking input on the UDMP vision update and design principles and objectives, background analysis and opportunities and constraints.

The feedback from this survey will help shape Public Information Session 2 (date to be confirmed).

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