Brampton sports centre set for major renovations to reduce carbon footprint


Published April 22, 2024 at 4:07 pm

Brampton Recreation accessible sports wheelchair basketball

The City of Brampton is entering the wave of Canadian zero-carbon incentives with its announcement to retrofit the Susan Fennell Sportsplex. In an official report from city representatives, it was indicated that recreational facilities in the region make up for over 50 per cent of Brampton’s greenhouse gas emissions per year. 

Additional data indicates that the Susan Fennell Sportsplex, in particular, produces over 1,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year — the equivalent of over 250 passenger vehicles.

Constructed in 1996, the now almost 30-year-old location is home to hockey rinks, fitness centres and a swimming pool.

To ensure minimal disruption to programs within the facility during this renovation, the third and fourth rinks will be closed for a year starting April 15, however, no other disruptions are scheduled to occur after that point. From that point on, the second phase will begin in 2025, with additional facilities being shut down for upgrades. 

Key overhauls lined out in this construction project include:  

  • Lighting control replacement  
  • Ground source heat loop installation 
  • Ice rink refrigeration upgrades  
  • Solar thermal system for pool heating
  • Installation of solar panels on the roof
  • Complete overhaul of HVAC systems  
  • Artificial Intelligence installation (JCI Open Blue Technology) 

The renovation of the Susan Fennell Sportsplex is part of Brampton’s long-term initiative to reduce the impact of climate change and achieve net zero emissions by 2050. 

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