Brampton residents paying 123 per cent more for car insurance than rest of Ontario


Published April 27, 2021 at 3:06 pm


The City of Brampton is calling for the Province to reform auto insurance rates in Ontario.

Brampton has the highest insurance premiums in the province, according to a report published in January by RATESDOTCA.

Brampton residents are paying approximately 123 per cent more than the average Ontarian.

According to the latest data, Brampton residents pay an average of $2,698 per year for car insurance, and, according to the City, some residents are paying as much as $3,301 per year—more than double the average amount for Ontario, which is $1,616.

Additionally, despite the introduction of Bill 42 to Provincial Parliament in 2019, which prohibits insurance companies from using postal codes as the primary factor in setting rates, Brampton residents continue to see rates vary by postal code.

“I pay close to $3000 with zero accidents, no tickets, and no claims. I can’t imagine car insurance for a new driver or someone with tickets or claims,” a Brampton resident said in a post shared on social media.

In an effort to lower insurance premiums, the City has launched the #FairDealForBrampton campaign, which includes a petition residents can sign calling for more regulation for Ontario auto insurance rates.

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