Brampton parking ban still in place as city cleans up from winter storm


Published January 18, 2022 at 12:50 pm

A parking ban on Brampton streets rolled into a second straight day as crews work to clear snow from city roads and sidewalks.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown said in a Tweet that it was “all hands on deck” as more than 140 plows were called in to help clear Monday’s snowfall which shuttered schools and caused delays on public transit routes.

City crews continued to plow and salt their way across the city on Tuesday, focusing on arterial and collector routes, city-cleared sidewalks, fire stations, rec centres, transit stops and shelters.

All street parking permits were again placed on hold and suspended, with the city saying parking on Brampton roads is not allowed.

“While the snow has stopped, our crews are continuing their work to clear the way,” the city said in a Twitter message. “Parking considerations remain void at this time. A reminder that if your car is on the street, it can cause delays for snow removal.”

The parking ban will also allow emergency vehicles to better respond to urgent situations due to the snowfall.

When emergencies take place, every second counts. Don’t park on Brampton roads during snow events, even with a parking permit,” the city said.

Public schools were closed for one more day in Mississauga and Brampton, all buses and in-school instruction cancelled.

With so much snow blanketing the city, Brampton Fire and Emergency Services (BFES) asked residents to make sure to keep any fire hydrants clear and unobstructed while clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways.

BFES also advised president to be cautious of where they pile snow to make sure home heating vents are left clear to avoid carbon monoxide (CO) build up in the home.

“Avoid piling snow against your home where heating vents are located,” the emergency service said. “Have a working CO alarm beside all sleeping areas.”

Brampton residents can get a glimpse of the plow progress through the city’s online snow plow tracker tool.

City staff are monitoring road and weather conditions and will post updates on Twitter. You can report conditions and make requests for service by contacting Brampton 3-1-1.

For more information and snow clearing updates visit

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