Brampton MP Ruby Sahota Claps Back at Conservatives Over Indian ‘Costumes’

Published March 24, 2018 at 1:01 pm


Traditional Indian attire isn’t a “costume,” and calling it one is “incredibly offensive,” says Brampton North Liberal MP Ruby Sahota who lambasted the Conservatives on Parliament Hill Thursday.

“Should I ask people from around the world about what they think about me wearing a white man’s costume?,” Sahota said.

“Are you offended? Because I’m incredibly offended that, again and again, I hear reference to our clothing as costumes. It is not a costume. It is clothing that we wear every day.”

Her tirade came after the PCs forced a filibuster following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to India last month and the Jaspal Atwal fiasco.

Atwal was convicted of attempted murder in the 1980s.

The Conservatives, who want Trudeau’s national security adviser Daniel Jean to testify regarding Atwal’s appearance at events during the PM’s trip, have been openly critical of Trudeau’s disastrous trek to India and its multitude of “costume” changes.

But Sahota, who’s Punjabi and practiced law before entering politics, had enough with the microaggressions by her Tory counterparts.

“I implore them to stick to the facts, stick to what they’re trying to achieve. This reference that I’ve been hearing from debate to debate to debate about ‘costumes’ is incredibly offensive,” she said.

Sahota addressed growing up as a child of immigrant parents and the struggle to be proud her culture and heritage, yet wanting to fit in.

“This reference continually made by the opposition to our clothing being referred to as costumes is outrageous,” she said, adding “would you call a business suit a costume?”

Sahota accompanied Trudeau to India and says he “respected our culture, respected our traditions, and took part and engaged in the clothing that we value so dearly.”

She said she’s happy her son “can see a Prime Minister today that respects his tradition, his culture, and where he comes from.”

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