Brampton once again ranked most expensive city for car insurance in Ontario


Published May 5, 2023 at 9:28 am

Brampton has unfortunately reclaimed the top spot as Ontario’s most expensive city for car insurance rates.

Vaughan knocked Brampton out of the top spot last year on RATESDOTCA’s breakdown of average insurance rates by postal code. But after just one year in fourth place, it’s bad news for Brampton drivers as the city has once again landed in the #1 spot.

The average estimated premium in Brampton is $2,707 for 2023 – an increase of $731 or just over 37 per cent from RATESDOTCA’s last report which said Brampont’s average premium was $1,976 in 2021.

Toronto came in second with an average premium this year of $2,325, while Mississauga ranked third with a premium of $2,311. The provincial average came in at $1,744 for 2023, some $963 less than what you can expect to pay in Brampton this year.

The report looked at sample quotes for a 35-year-old male driver with a 2019 four-door Honda Civic and no claims or driving convictions to find the estimated averages for each city.

RATESDOTCA said that while drivers are returning to their pre-pandemic routines, operating costs for insurers are rising due to factors like surging inflation, ongoing vehicle and parts shortages and longer wait times for repairs.

The report also looked at an uptick in car theft, and a jump in the number and severity of claims being filed.

RATESDOTCA said the type of vehicle you drive can also impact premiums as higher-end models that require specialized parts and labour can cost more to insure than a model with easy-to-find parts.

While Vaughan held the top spot on the list last year it moved to #5 in 2023 with a premium of $2,158.

A report by Ontario’s auditor general last year found a Brampton driver can pay almost three times more in auto insurance than those in other parts of the province who have similar driving records.

An investigation revealed a person with a similar driving experience in London was quoted as low as $1,200 per year for car insurance while in Brampton, the number was as high as $3,350.

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