Brampton mayor calls anti-vax protests at hospitals “disgusting” and “appalling”


Published September 15, 2021 at 10:56 am

Patrick Brown Brampton Mayor

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown called protests at hospitals “disgusting” in the wake of anti-vaccination mobs surrounding medical facilities across the province and country.

Brown was speaking at his weekly news conference broadcast live on the city’s Facebook page. He talked about a GTHA mayors’ meeting held earlier this week.

“The prevailing sentiment is these protests that are targeting hospitals are completely unacceptable. The behaviour is absolutely appalling and we support enforcement officials to take the necessary action required to protect our hospitals and keep our patients and health care workers safe.”

Brown said no protests had yet occurred at either of Brampton’s medical facilities: Brampton Civic Hospital or Peel Memorial Centre.

“Our health care workers have been pandemic heroes, going towards danger when many went away from danger. They knew they had a duty to help care for those who were sick and they rose to the occasion.”

He said the idea they have to face protests as they go to work is, “frankly disgusting.”

There are currently 14 patients at Brampton hospital, including three in ICU, an improvement over last week. The vast majority are unvaccinated, according to Brown.

“It’s encouraging to see that our hospital capacity remains strong.”

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