Brampton Mayor and Councillors Getting Substantial Raises

Published April 25, 2018 at 8:25 pm

It looks like next year’s council has been approved for a salary increase before it has even been elected.

It looks like next year’s council has been approved for a salary increase before it has even been elected.

With the municipal election coming up on October 22 this year, it’s no secret that city council is gearing up for the switchover. The current council’s term began in 2014.

For the 2018-2022 term, Brampton’s mayor and city councillors will indeed be getting a raise. 

As of December 1, 2018, the mayor of Brampton’s renumeration rate will increase from $110,722.52 to be $139,374. A city councillor’s salary will increase from $84,495.06 to $88,573.

According to the city, these salary increases aim to match the City of Mississauga’s current renumeration rates for the mayor and councillors, similar to salary increases in 2015.

“Consensus that Brampton Council (Mayor and Councillor) remuneration was benchmarked to City of Mississauga in 2015, and conclusion to continue to do so, effective the start of the next term of Council, with an appropriate annual adjustment factor such as the City’s non-union percentage economic adjustment,” read recent council compensation committee meeting minutes.

These salaries will be adjusted annually starting in 2019.

Benefits packages will remain the same, at $15,924.93 for the mayor, and $11,951.13 for a councillor.

Car allowance will see a slight increase from $15,530.16 to $15,896.28. According to the city, car allowance is adjusted annually with the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

“For December 2018, car allowance for the new term of Council will be the same as the current amount, which is  In early 2019, the car allowance will be adjusted in line with CPI and retroactive to January 2019,” reads a recent statement from the city to

These base salaries and expenses don’t include any of the additional compensation for regional councillors, from the Region of Peel.

Going forward, the council compensation committee made a final recommendation that it be formed by citizens in the future.

“That, it is the opinion of the Council Compensation Committee, that a citizen-based Council Compensation Committee be re-established during the next term of Council to ensure taxpayer accountability and transparency, as well as consistency in the appropriateness of remuneration and benefits for the Mayor and Councillors,” reads the council compensation committee document.

This motion to increase base salaries was approved 8-3 on April 18, with all councillors voting yes except for Gurpreet Dhillon, Doug Whillans, and Jeff Bowman.

You can learn more about past expenses and renumeration rates for city council here.

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