Brampton looks to curb ‘wildly uncontrolled’ fireworks on Diwali and Victoria Day


Published March 28, 2022 at 1:32 pm

Brampton is considering a government-led display of pyrotechnics for Diwali and Victoria Day to control the use of private fireworks throughout the year.

A report that will be presented to City councillors this week calls for a one-year pilot project beginning in 2023 that will see the municipality run its own program on Diwali and Victoria Day at Garden Square in downtown Brampton.

“This will provide a safer means to celebrate holidays and possibly reduce the amount of complaints and fireworks related fire incidents on those days, but also allow residents to further celebrate the Mosaic that is Brampton,” the report reads.

The estimated cost to run the program is $350,000, but a corporate sponsorship will be considered.

The move is sparked by ever increasing concerns over the use of fireworks throughout the year but specifically around Diwali and Victoria Day.

One Brampton councillor recently called the current use of private fireworks surrounding these celebrations in the city as “wildly uncontrolled” and that they regularly lead to hundreds of complaints that overwhelm by-law officers.

Diwali typically occurs in October or November and involves celebrations using lights and displays of fireworks for several nights.

Victoria Day is held near the end of May to honour the 19th century British monarch Queen Victoria. Historically, Canadians have also called the event “firecracker day” and have let off fireworks for several days before the actual event.

Some Brampton councillors have considered an outright ban on private fireworks, but the report indicates that such a clampdown would be impossible to enforce.

As part of the proposed pilot project, Brampton plans to embark on a public education campaign concerning firework safety and the need to keep the noise and disturbances caused by fireworks to a minimum.





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