Brampton councillors want noisy mufflers out of local neighbourhoods


Published May 27, 2021 at 2:02 pm

Brampton councillors have joined their Mississauga counterparts in calling on the Lt. Gov. of Ontario to help quell noisy vehicles in the city.

Although it is currently an offence in the province to drive a car with a muffler that’s excessively noisy or has been modified in certain ways, it’s not an offence for muffler and auto-body shops to either sell or perform the modifications that turn a muffler illegal.

The province, though, has recognized the problem and actually passed an amendment to the Highway Traffic Act dealing with the issue on Dec. 10, 2019, almost 18 months ago. So what’s the problem?

For some reason, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, has not yet given proclamation, the last step necessary to make laws official in the province.

The Brampton motion, raised by Wards 9 and 10 Regional Councillor Gurpreet Dhillon, also calls on the province to increase the penalties for illegal exhaust systems. He wants the fine to be raised to a minimum of $500 and a loss of three demerit points.

“We’re not sure why this hasn’t been proclaimed yet,” said Dhillon. “We’re reached out to local MPPs to ask them, but no one can give an answer.”

Dhillon thinks it’s important that the businesses providing illegal mufflers to motorists are held accountable. And he was glad to join with Mississauga councillors on the issue.

“I want to thank Mississauga councillor Councillor Stephen Dasko for highlighting this issue,” said Dhillon. “I think it’s important that all of Peel presents a united front.”

Several Brampton councillors spoke in favour of the motion, highlighting noise issues they’ve been dealing with on local roads for years.

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